"We’re passionate about utilizing online bookkeeping software such as QB online and Xero to carry out our work. This approach allows us to ensure that all transactions are posted and reconciled daily, providing our clients with the most current and accurate picture of their business."

Daniela Stan


"After years of searching for my true calling, I realized that my true passion still lay in numbers and math."

I have always had a deep passion for numbers and a keen eye for perfection. For the initial two decades of my career, I worked as a teacher, and unsurprisingly, my favorite subject to teach was math.

However, after immigrating to Canada in 2005, I had to bid farewell to my teaching career and start anew by working in various fields to earn a living. Despite the challenges, I was thrilled to explore and utilize online banking, online tax filing, and other digital services since our first year in Canada.

After years of searching for my true calling, I realized that my true passion still lay in numbers and math. Hence, I decided to return to school. In 2016, I proudly graduated with Honors from Mohawk College with a Diploma in Business-Accounting.

Since graduating, I have gained diverse experiences as a Financial Administrator, Bookkeeper or Accounting Technician in different roles. However, my most fulfilling moment came when I had the opportunity to fully transition to cloud bookkeeping.

In my initial job, I gained firsthand experience in bookkeeping using shoebox receipts. However, it wasn't long before I was introduced to online software that opened my eyes to the efficiency and convenience of online bookkeeping for business owners and the enjoyment it brought to the bookkeeper. With just a click of a button, you could have instant access to everything you need.

In my most recent role, I had the opportunity to lead the transition of a group of several companies from traditional desktop bookkeeping, with receipts piled up in shoeboxes and payments mostly made by old-fashioned cheques, to fully digital and online accounting systems. Successfully completing this task enabled the previous owner to prepare for retirement and sell their businesses to a larger corporation. This experience inspired me to start my own bookkeeping business, with a focus on providing cost-effective remote cloud accounting and bookkeeping services to start-ups and growing businesses.

Daniela Stan

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